Connections to Ecommerce from Instagram

As to create labels

Instagram allows to create labels in our images and to connect with our product catalogue. We see as doing it.

To form a professional account in Instagram

This functionality is only available for professional accounts of Instagram. This type of accounts incorporates functionalities to let grow your business Online. 

He follows these steps to turn your personal profile into a professional account:


  1. He sees your profile and he touches  in the right corner superior.
  2. It touches Configuration.
  3. It touches Account.
  4. Headress To change against the account professional.
  5. It touches Company.
  6. If you want, you can follow the steps to connect your professional account with a page of Facebook that is associate to your business. This step is optional and with him you will be able to use all the functions available for the businesses with greater facility in the family of applications of Facebook. At this moment, it is only possible to connect the professional accounts with an only page of Facebook.
  7. It adds details, as the category and the information of contact of your company.
  8. It touches Ready.

To create a catalogue on Facebook

In order to connect labels of instagram with products it is essential to have a catalogue on Facebook

  1. To create a Facebook store

  2. In the Facebook store you can create your product catalogue manually. Despite if this he were very extensive always exists the possibility of realising a synchronization with your ecommerce by means of some module.

To form the option to label in your app of Instagram

  1. In app Instagram APT in Home in the part superior of your profile (if you do not see it APT in the gear)

  2. APT product

  3. APT to continue

  4. It selects cat¡logo of products of your account bussines

  5. €œReady€ APT

From this moment already you can label products in your account of Instagram.